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Reflexology, like many complementary therapies, has existed within many cultures and civilisations throughout history. The earliest pictorial evidence was found in 2330 B.C. in an Egyptian tomb belonging to Ankhmahor, the Pharoah’s second in command. This painting clearly shows what we believe to be a reflexology treatment with the words “don’t hurt me” from the patient and “I shall act so you praise me” from the practitioner, scribed on the wall. Although reflexology has evolved today, the essence of the treatment has stayed the same.

Dr William Fitzgerald, an American scientist discovered and developed his theory on Zones. His research enabled him to understand that pressure on one part of the body could have a direct stimulus on another part. By dividing the body into 10 longitudinal zones he could identify which organs of the body fell into each zone. By applying pressure on the feet, they cover the 10 zones allowing reflexologists to seek the sensitive areas and improve the function of that specific area out of balance. His discoveries may well have been influenced by other researchers while he was working in Europe but Dr Fitzgerald’s Zone theory has given foundation to the basics of today’s reflexology.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy which has many positive health benefits. Reflexology is all about rebalancing, re-energising and harmony. Working on the reflexes on the feet(or hands) stimulates the body's neuropathways allowing the energy to flow along the nerve channels which helps to restore the balance of all the systems. It increases the blood flow encouraging a better circulation and it stimulates the body's natural healing mechanism creating the feeling of well-being. Reflexology is safe and non-intrusive and it brings a wide range of health benefits including:

  • Reducing stress
    (stress is reported to be the cause of 75% of all illnesses) Stress can reduce performance and therefore, productivity.

    Stress and infertility appear to go hand in hand. Cortisol (a hormone released in response to stress) can cause the release of inhibiting hormones which may be detrimental to the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. For couples trying to conceive, the benefits of reflexology could make a difference to their fertility.

  • boost the immune system

  • improve sleep patterns

  • reduce mood swings

  • works alongside allopathic medicine

    A reflexologist can not prescribe or diagnose. The treatment will help to reduce the symptoms surrounding the presenting condition(s).

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