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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reflexology work?

There are approximately 7000 nerve endings in your feet which are linked to reflex points which correspond to the internal organs and parts of the body. Light pressure on these reflex points stimulates the flow of energy in the neuropathways which assist in re balancing all the systems of the body. Blood flow is increased allowing a better circulation and it encourages the body back into its natural state of balance allowing the body to heal itself.

How will I benefit from reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic, non-intrusive therapy which rebalances all the systems in the body. It promotes good health and well being. It releases tension and any anxiety surrounding the presenting condition and rebalances the emotional state of mind.

How often do you need treatments?

It would all depend on the individual and the presenting symptoms. If you have been on medication for a while it will take longer for your body to respond. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Does it really work?

Reflexology works if you allow it to. Sometimes changes to factors in your lifestyle need to be made in order for this to happen.

Does Reflexology save me from seeing my GP?

Reflexologists can not prescribe or diagnose. If you are concerned about having reflexology, please consult your GP.

Why reflexes may be out of balance?

  • On going physical problems
  • Emotional/mental state
  • Effect of medication
  • The body's memory of the past/suppressed
  • Areas of weakness that may rise to give problems

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